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How can I contact Nacex?

You may contact us by using the telephone number 900 100 000, via email using the address atenció, by Twitter via @NacexClientes or via our franchise offices, which you can find on the following web page: You may also use the online chat tool available at, which will put you in contact with one of our agents in order to address your doubts or queries.

Where does Nacex deliver to?

Nacex delivers to the whole of mainland Spain, the Balearic and Canary Islands, Andorra and Portugal and has more than 310 franchise offices. It also works with international partner companies, via whom it can carry out distribution at an international level.

How can I request a pick up?

You can request a pick up via the make a shipment/request a shipment section of our web page, via the Customer Service Centre (900 100 000/atenció, from where we will be able to contact the franchise office for your area, or by directly contacting the franchise office nearest to the pick up point.

What payment methods does Nacex accept?

Services contracted must be paid for in cash at pick up or delivery. Those clients with an account in one of the Nacex franchise offices will be invoiced according to the conditions agreed.

What kind of goods do Nacex transport?

Nacex transports goods with a maximum weight of 40kg per package, and with the sum of the 3 measurements (length, height and width) coming to less than 200 cm. For goods of a superior weight and size, please ask the Nacex franchise office in your area.

How can I track a shipment?

From the web page ( de envíos), you can specify the tracking number and you will be able to determine the shipment status. You may also do the same by contacting the Customer Service Centre via email using the address, by Twitter via @NacexClientes or using the free phone number 900 100 000.

What should I do if I am not in on the expected delivery day?

If you are not in at the delivery time, or you expect to be out of the house at the established time, you may contact the Customer Service Centre via email using the address, by Twitter via @NacexClientes or using the free phone number 900 100 000. You may also contact your nearest Nacex franchise office.

Can another person pick up my delivery for me?

Yes. It is possible for a different person to collect the shipment, other than the person it is addressed to, as long as they have an authorisation signed by the addressee as well as a photocopy of the adressee's DNI (ID).

What is a NacexShop point?

They are collaborating premises, where shipments can be made and picked up, which generally have longer opening hours than the Nacex franchise offices (some are even open at weekends).

What is "My Preferred Delivery"?

M Preferred Delivery is an operation that allows addressees for services including a delivery Pre-Alert to change the delivery conditions of the service. They may select another delivery date/time range, or even modify the delivery address in order to pick up the shipment at a Nacex Point (Nacex franchise office or point). Notification of the changes is made via a link included in the sms/email that notifies arrival of the order.

My shipment has not arrived. What can I do?

In the event that your shipment is not received, you may contact the Customer Service Centre via email using the address, by Twitter via @NacexClientes, or using the free phone number 900 100 000, in order to be made aware of the status of your shipment.

Can I pay for the shipment using Cash on Delivery (COD)?

We have a COD service up to a maximum of 1,000€ per expedition. This service has a commission of 3%+ VAT on top of the COD amount, with a minimum cost of 3€ and a maximum of 30€. Payment of the amount to the sender will be made by cheque or bank transfer within 3/5 working days of delivery of the service.

How long is my order kept at the Nacex franchise office?

In the event of a shipment having to be taken back to our installations, please take into account the fact that it will remain their for a maximum of 15 days. In the event that it is not collected, it will be returned to the sender and the shipment costs incurred for returning it must be paid.

Can I make a change to the delivery address?

It is possible to change the delivery address, as long as you are authorised by the client who pays for the service. Once the change has been confirmed, and if the change is within the same area, this will mean no additional cost. However, if the change affects another Nacex franchise, additional costs will be involved that must be accepted by the client. In the event that the addressee has the option to use the "My Preferred Delivery" operation via the delivery Pre-Alert (see question nº 11), they may change the delivery address for a pick up at a Nacex Point (Nacex franchise office or point).

Can I cancel a shipment/order once it has been sent?

Once a package has been collected and is being transported via the Nacex network of franchise offices and hubs, it is no longer possible to cancel, because it is in transit. Nevertheless, the shipment addressee may refuse it at the delivery time, by informing the messenger of this fact and/or by previously informing their corresponding Nacex franchise office.

Can you describe the NACEX PROMO service?

Nacex has two promotional services on the mainland/Balearic Islands, one for Baggage (weighing less than 20 kg and measuring a maximum of 80x50x30 cm), and another for transporting Bicycles (weighing less than 40 kg and measuring a maximum of 140x80x25cm). In both cases the specific packaging for the services is included in the price. This service also permits the transport of golf bags, surfboards and diving equipment, etc. (please check conditions with your Nacex franchise office).

Is it possible to ship weapons?

Nacex is able to transport arms in mainland Spain, as long as they are not kept in any of our installations overnight, and the destination is the Inspectorate of the Guardia Civil or Armoury. The shipments must be picked up in armouries, special shops or the Inspectorate of the Guardia Civil, together with the "Weapons Circulation Guide" on the outside of the shipment. The weapons and/or ammunition may not be warehoused, therefore pick ups cannot be made on Fridays or on the evenings before holidays at the destination.

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